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Web Solutions / Web Design

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According to the budget limit, FlyNet. offers either web-site development with more simple design and functions OR web-site development with adds-on of expanding functions such as: News-section, Catalogue-section, Contact form, Gallery-section etc.

The web-sites that FlyNet. develops are divided in 5 main categories:

"Business Card"

Personal site with included portfolio. Price range: R700.00 - R2500.00 



With a limited number of pages and products aimed at serving the small business. Price range: R2000.00 - R6000.00



With the possibility for unlimited number of pages and sub-pages, Gallery-section, News-section and additional modules as per the client's request. Price range: R4000.00 - R10000.00



Includes all from the "Standard"-type as well as the possibility for inclusion of unlimited number of product categories and sub-categories, unlimited number of products, images, descriptions, specifications etc. - Price range: 7000 - 15000 Rands



The up-grade of the "e-Catalogue" to an "e-Store" where customers may directly make their purchases via Internet adds an extra-value of R5000.00 - R10000.00 .


Web-sites of the types "Standard", "e-Catalogue" and "e-Store" include also Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the price stated for a better indexation in sites such as Google.

  • Re-Design

The Re-Design service is aimed at clients who would like to change the design of their web-sites. It includes: a change of the web-site looks in terms of color themes, fonts, background, size and type of the links and the titles of the pages, as well as development, arrangement and implementation of appropriate graphic elements such as buttons, headers, footers and main images. However, the Re-Design excludes changes in the existing structure, location and content. Price range: negotiable.

  • Subscribed Support

The Subscribed Support to the content of the client's web-site includes:

  • addition/change of up to 10 standard A4 pages of text per month
  • addition/change/processing of up to 10 images per month
  • file conversions, re-formatting and re-coding, when needed (for instance from Excel to PDF) are charged additionally.
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