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Web Solutions / SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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  • One-off Service 

With the creation of the client's web-site, a one-off service on Optimization may be launched so that the newly developed web-site reaches forth positions in the search engines. Dependent on the condition of the web-site the price-range is between 150-250 Rands per page/subpage.

  • Dynamic SEO Service

The dynamic SEO service includes research and publication of appropriate texts, news and video-materials as well as creation of articles and press-releases on the thematic content of the web-site. The prices, dependant on the amount and the specifics of the work, start from 250 Rands and include one or more of the following:

  • Analyses and decision upon the most appropriate key words and phrases to describe the client's services and target-groups
  • Analyses of the web-sites of the client's competitors
  • Analyses of the client's web-site as per the criteria and the requirements of the most popular search engines
  • Web-site optimization according to the criteria and the requirements of the most popular search engines
  • Development of new web-sites
  • Content up-date
  • Manual registration in search engines and on-line catalogues
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